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January 1

Keep raining down the hate on those vile tobacco smokers with our cheeky fag shaming tax hike of yet another 10% for the 3rd year in a row, as promised in our realistic and honest quest for a SmokefreeNZ by 2025.

We, The New Zealand Government, have successfully made stressing out more popular, and smoking evil cigarettes less popular, by denigrating and vilifying tobacco users via implementation of our grand old smoke free social engineering program. The harsh economic penalties we continue to dump on smokers are not even questioned by the status quo, as our campaign to educate one and all about the truth concerning smokers has, so far, been delightfully successful. Tobacco addicts are illiterate filthy disgusting pariahs who wish only to rob you of your oxygen, infect you with their cancer, and poison all your children to death.

As a control measure it is better to have smokers huddled out the back of establishments, crouching in bushes, standing in the rain, and generally avoiding lighten up places out of fear for their physical safety rather than from any sense of manufactured guilt. A smoker’s guilt is something for all nonsmokers to be concerned with, on the smoker’s behalf, as any show of guilt and shame coming from a smoker in the form of an apology or excuse is fake and cannot be trusted. A smoker doesn’t just not care about their ruining the lungs of your children, it is worse than that. Smokers are actively trying to kill everybody, and it’s up to the growing numbers of proud and righteous nonsmokers to defend not just themselves but all of humanity. Except for the smokers, obviously. But they don’t really count as humans anymore. Remember the adage- the best defence is a merciless attack. The less guilty a smoker appears to feel, the more opportunity there is to verbally abuse, spit on, throw rubbish at, and ultimately bash their hideous faces in repeatedly with a nebuliser until their bloody eye socket becomes an ideal receptacle with which to extinguish that nasty fucking cancer spreading stink stick they were sucking on.

From here to 2025:~ As great as it is that we have created scapegoats of immoral certainty as a way of diverting attention away from our own unprincipled existence, we do see a complication on the horizon before meeting our 2025 smokefree New Zealand goal. Even though ramping up fag taxes was sold to the punters as a vindictive punishment they could feel smug about, it was actually the only way to maintain the tobacco associated revenue stream we’ve become accustomed, nay entitled, to at the same time as tobacco sales invariably decrease. Last year we earmarked $6million for application over the next 3 years to form a think tank committee comprised of all our best math-head boffins, science squints, public relations gurus and sly marketing consultants to try and project when this inevitable (more-taxes><less-tax-victims) tipping point is most likely to turn critical, and to devise some possible scenarios for resolving how we can continue to feed the disharmony eroding communities nationwide without losing a single on the deal. Initial suggestions of relaxing prohibition laws controlling cannabis use and cultivation just enough to tax the ever loving shit out of it look most promising indeed. Hahahaha SUCK IT smokers!

Not A Party, not a problem

I Dont Hate Socialists

I don’t hate socialists. Some of my best friends are socialists. The socialist democratic style of governance we currently live under is just part of the natural progression towards a more mentally healthy and free society. The population of the world has almost completely rejected monarchies now, and governments are going to be next. Don’t be afraid. Embrace the positive changes where you see them. No one here is going to try forcing you to start running your own lives or anything. The change I want to see cannot be brought about that way. If I had aspirations of violently overthrowing the total drop kicks currently in power it would only mean I had delusions of being the next total drop kick. And being voted into power on my hobby horse with a saviour complex after making promises I’m not even expected to keep isn’t a dream of mine either. So don’t worry about me. I’m not a threat. I’m just not voting.

I’m not voting because this is what I see happening. The divisions we create through our glorification of representative politics are going be left behind. Splitting and pitting the population against itself  is going to seem stupid and go out of fashion. The next step from there towards better living is going to be the utilisation of direct democracy. Political puppets will  no longer be  believed in, so “the people” will get to vote on whichever separate issue they wish to instead of getting to vote for their choice of winning personality every three years as with the previous system. Under direct democracy minorities still get railroaded however, because decisions are still made by majority rule.

After that comes decentralisation, where communities decide for themselves how to run their affairs – working not in competition, but with appreciation for and recognition of each other. Trading or not trading freely without having to pay a tithe to a gluttonous central vacuum. Smaller groups have the capability of being more efficient and have more chance of reaching consensus. The democracy  wars will be over because people are looking to solve problems by discussing them rationally and reaching agreements seriously without wasting time and resources on huge marketing campaigns. Problems that can’t find resolution will be understood as not being important enough for any decision to have been made at that time.  This is a non-hierarchical system that understands the difference between being an authority on a subject, and having authority over subjects. Where leadership skills and gaining  proficiency in a discipline are respected right up until they’re used as reasons to  justify someone’s superiority complex.

Individuals seeking to achieve dominance over others will be understood to be showing signs of emotional insecurity and mental unwellness which will be addressed with the appropriate level of care and support. Effective strategies for rejecting that antisocial behaviour without falling prey to it oneself will be become more ingrained as our appreciation for personal responsibility increases. People will be able to be as different as they like (without making others feel insecure and defensive) once the ultimate transgression of assuming power over another has finally become socially unacceptable.

This might sound like hopeful idealism and wishful thinking to you. And I don’t necessarily know that it isn’t. I’m not super confident. We might all be too emotionally crippled to ever get it together. But some people have to actually say these things to help the chances of them happening. That’s how idealism works. We can’t work out how to get where were going if we don’t know where that is. And the movement towards this ideal is visibly happening. Dickensian times were not so long ago. They were pretty awful and resulted in socialism being invented. So no, I don’t hate socialists. I can understand what socialism was an answer to. But the days of ganging up to force our precious opinions and personal agendas on others being considered an acceptable manner in which to conduct ourselves are numbered.

So if you think you need to be forcibly controlled or want to forcibly control other people I want  to ask you, what’s up? Everything okay at home? Who hurt you so bad  you became damaged enough to believe either one of those two things was a good idea? Let’s go over here and investigate the deficit. Let’s see if we can’t find a more constructive and assertive way to deal with the pain you are obviously in. Your suffering is apparent, but everything is going to be alright. It’s okay to be insecure, but there are ways to change that. You do have to want that change for yourself though. Help is available, but it’s important that you know you’re the one who has to do the hard work. Nobody else can do it for you. How do you feel about that? Don’t answer in a hurry. Just sit with it for a few minutes.  I’ll put the jug on.

Don't Vote

Not A Party scrambles for self-worth after brutal rise in voter turnout

Not A Party

25 September 2017

Not A Party headquarters was in tatters this Sunday morning. With its candidates reeling in shock, red-eyed and gormless in the wake of this unexpected monumental failure.

All along the night, as election results had trickled down, it became slowly apparent that calculating the non-voter turnout was going to be really hard. And a suspicion was lurking that the chances of success were not on the cards and that Not A Party’s underwhelming electoral effort was nothing short of bloody disgraceful. And by strewth it was.

Not A Party are deeply in mourning over where their dreams of a record high non-voter turnout have ended up. To have survived the build-up to the election on a diet of optimism, avoidance, and pretty average fish n chips, only to have their hopes strangled and bashed on the rocks at the bottom of the democracy cliff so dolefully. It’s dismal and unpropitious. These brave builders of hope for humanity are left sober, gutted and distraught over the poor choices made by more people than last time.

Nonetheless, Not A Party did manage to clutch at some short straws. The three NAP electorate candidates all came resoundingly last in their respective electorates, with Wellington Central candidate Bob Wessex the lowest polling in the country! Clearly, the party’s DON’T VOTE 2017 campaign message was gotten out there.

When the whole unruly drama has settled down a bit, Not A Party might schedule an emergency meeting to determine the future of its existence.


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Annihilation Of The Vape

Here’s A Violation of the NAP for ya!

“The NAP is a big cloud of vape conjured from some trenchcoat’s bellowing mouth fedora.”


Okay okay  …I don’t mean to ATTACK the NAP for it’s sentiment.  Because it’s a great sentiment.  But that’s all it is.  A sentiment.  Righteous in all it’s glory.
02-20-12 Sentiment

First of all, what is the NAP?

Sounds good huh?  Until you get to property rights.  Let’s have a thunk about this.  For the NAP to be effective beyond anything but sentiment, everyone has to agree on the specifics of some property rights.  Whilst it’s not wrong to own things, imagine you’ve come home to your plantation to find me walking out your front door  with your TV set and a packet of Tim Tams.  This is considered an act of aggression under the NAP, and you are now free to shoot me in the head with a clear conscience.  Does  this seem right to you?  Of course it’s wrong for me to steal your property but there are two quite different values of aggression going on here.  The NAP seems to value property rights over human rights.  This can’t be not good.


Also –  What if the plantation you “own” actually belongs to someone else, some original owners, who never agreed to the social construct you’ve exhaled in a big bubblegum flavored cloud and called The Non Aggression Principle.  What if these previous individuals somehow misunderstood the deal to swap the earth itself for some blankets, influenza and syphilis?  And what if it wasn’t me, but this guy below who you came home to find yoinking your consumer comforts and confectionery comestibles?  Is there a whiff of hypocrisy in the bubblegum yet?


However should we settle such a property dispute?  And how far back should we go?  Should we make like modern day gentlemen and meet with pistols at dawn on the Gaza Strip?


As well as that  …let’s investigate how you gained the collateral to buy your coveted Tim Tams and TV set in the first place.  Of course, you don’t own slaves!  Omigosh that would be deplorable, not to mention a violation of someone’s property rights (Toby’s body is Toby’s property).


No no no  …the good folk who work on YOUR plantation all signed a mutual contract whereby for the exchange of their time and labour, you dutifully and graciously provide them with food,

Back Camera


The Accommodation

…and a small stipend with which to buy clothes.


All perfectly acceptable under the glorious concord we understand as the NAP.  Because if these happy go lucky worker bees don’t appreciate it, they are forever welcome to move to Somalia.  Or if they’re not too stupid and lazy they can sack up and acquire their own plantation. (heavy sarcasm emoticon)

So anyway, that’s my opinion.

And now this  (the other NAP)…



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Edward Bernays, father of lies

Diabolical bullshit merchant Edward Bernays was the nephew of well known repressed psychoanalyst Sigmund Freud.


After a well played career as a government administrator, Bernays realised from his uncle’s work that, with an understanding of manipulation and people’s innermost desires, companies could design their advertisements and marketing campaigns to tell people exactly what it was that they wanted, and then make them feel like tragic losers who would miss out if they didn’t go out and buy it immediately.

He was the first to coin the term “public relations,” when referring to propaganda, and also introduced corporations to the concept of focus groups.


Edward said that he believed those in power had an obligation to control the general public in order to prevent them from reverting to what he regarded as a dangerous “herd instinct” that would see society descend into primal chaos.  But… (cough), Edward said a lot of things…


However, Bernays depended on this “herd mentality” to dupe the population into believing capitalist consumerism was a grand idea and that communism was a clear and present danger to America which required the installation of U.S. friendly government regimes in countries that had desirable populations and resources to exploit and pillage.  Let me introduce you to the United Fruit Company.

When you spend a lifetime betraying your fellow man and generally behaving like a smug asshole you might end up looking like Edward (the father of lies) Bernays. It’s not a pretty picture.


The Century of the Self is a documentary worth watching if you want to fully appreciate the depth of this wreched man’s unbridled depravity.

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Try Not To Move To Somalia.

Africa, Somalia, Bosaso. 05/10/2015. Bosaso: the coastal city of 700,000 inhabitants. It is the main port of Somalia and it is the capital of Puntland; this macro-northern region, compare to the rest of the country, enjoys of a relative political and military stability. A kid look at the Buulo Mingis Settlement IDP camp.

First up, let’s have a gander at why anyone would make such an alarming suggestion in the first place. When you’re discussing tyranny with someone on the internet (as you do), and you bring up the fact that it’s not about who’s in power as much as it’s about there being someone in power at all (as you do), a common response you’ll be likely to hear is “well if you don’t like it, move to Somalia”.


This is (of course) a highly amusing (albeit lazy) way of telling you they don’t wish to discuss tyranny after all. It shuts down the discourse and proves that they can’t think of a proper argument.


So why Somalia? In 1991 the Siad Barre regime crumbled to pieces. See the hollywood blockbuster Black Hawk Down for details. Or… click the link below for a quick summary of “actual” information.

The intended inference is that Somalia has no government, so anybody who aspires to living their life without being governed should appreciate living in the warlords wet dream that we know as Somalia.


But Somalia got it’s so called anarchy by default. It didn’t arrive through any process of anarchic revolution or come about by way of agorism, or anything like that. It was born from the gut shot bowles of a big old punch up between the various armies of megalomaniacs trying to seize power by military force. Exactly the kind of behaviour Anarchists are morally and fundamentally against.


Telling people to move to somalia if they don’t like it is as foolish as suggesting that if the political party you vote for doesn’t get in, you should move to Somalia. Or if you don’t like how the guy down the road has all night parties after the rugby club closes, you should move to Somalia.


And that is why telling people to move to Somalia if they don’t like it is nothing but a jolly laughworthy nosediving fail.

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Tyrannosaurus Wrecks!

The ever elusive 1% (give or take a square mile when you adjust your fedora) are the morally destitute few who reside at the apex, profiting profoundly from all forms of tyranny.


If we are not challenging all forms of tyranny (especially our own, if you have kids you know what I’m talking about) that means we have been divided and conquered and are distracted by subsets and definitions in our search for freedom and enlightenment.  The thing about tyranny is, you can’t legislate against it because legislation is tyranny however well meaning it might have been at the outset.

We have to look further for solutions to our problems, and stop thinking that somebody else should do something.  What can I do to help us all move towards a community that finds all forms of wretched, swaggering authoritarianism abhorrent and socially dangerous?  The argument against capitalism or socialism or communism by themselves is a confused one because people aren’t even speaking the same language and it becomes a battle of definitions.  If we talk about the plutocracy that runs reckless in each of those ideologies we can get closer to moving the mindsets that enslave us in our own heads.


When considering viable socio-political options it has to be, not just okay, but also appreciated that people have differing aspirations and want different outcomes from the same general existence.  If we try to bend others to our will or exploit others unfairly for either our own gain or for a supposed greater good we are missing the point of what freedom from tyranny means and continuing the cycle of social chaos …moving in directions that aren’t forwards.

It’s great to experiment by cutting straws on the diagonal and being imaginative but acting out a process that TELLS PEOPLE WHAT TO DO, and even simply tolerating such a performance,  is how we keep ourselves from rising up and moving on as a species.


But how do we deal with obvious wrongs like theft, rape and murder without telling people what to do?  There are two enemies here. Acts of rape and murder are included in the crime of TELLING PEOPLE WHAT TO DO, whilst theft is about dishonesty.  Dishonesty is a lot more complicated to draw moral conclusions about in a world where involuntary directives and dishonest tactics are accepted and venerated by voting populations.


The contradiction of power structures that punish theft and violence with theft and violence instead of leading by example should be glaringly obvious but it seems they well and truly are not.  Why is that?  Is it because there is very little encouragement for honest critical thinking and self responsibility?  Is it because mistrust is easier than curiosity in matters we don’t understand?


It seems fashionably acceptable for people to get offended and lash out instead of exploring why we feel offended.  Another option besides chimping out and getting uppity is to ask ourselves if this feeling is rational and fair, or if it’s just a belligerent non acceptance of someone elses point of view.  Even if it’s the most thoughtlessly bigoted and backwoods retarded thing we’ve ever heard in our life, playing the victim of someone’s boorish stupidity and reacting in kind is, well …what does that say about us?


My political question is this:

>>>How do we tell people to stop telling people what to do without telling them what to do?<<<


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But I don’t want a bloody revolution.


Neither do we.  A revolution will only ever get you back where you started.  That’s how come it’s called a revolution. Revolutions happen every day.


One problem with Government is tax and the enforcement of paying it.  If, instead of tax, we paid a voluntary community donation disconnected from any central vacuum  we could start to behave more like decent consenting human beings.


Privatization of community resources such as power, water, libraries, muh roads …from a government who doesn’t lower taxes as a result is something worth getting all WTF about.  It’s utterly hypocritical for a government who has, if not stolen …taken what they want at the threat of taking more or locking people in cages, to use any corrupt and wasteful way they see fit, to turn around and take the piss even more with a user pays system on top of everything.


Many many good people are (it would seem by how upset they get at the idea of tax being theft) happy to pay protection money to these gangsters because things do get done without us having to think about it.  But what if we learned how to do life without government  What if we could not worry about feeding the poor because we fed the poor without businesses or the gummint making stax of cash from the feeding the poor programme.  What if we quietly did our own thing and stopped bothering to even look at the brick wall covered in electrified razor wire with pots of boiling oil at the top?


Let’s stop thinking we need to vote for some apparent lesser evil who lies to us EVERY time and lord over us from between their 500 thread count Egyptian cotton sheets.

images (1)


Reality Attack: The government is unlikely to let anyone quietly not be governed without crying and breaking things.


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But If I Don’t Vote, How Can I Be A Valuable Contributing Member Of Society?


A common misconception is that voting has something to do with making the trains run on time.  Actually voting is just passing the buck for someone else to do something constructive in your community. And if you believe a politician has any vested interest in hands on helping your community thrive, you only have to look at their track records after they’ve been voted in to see how important a bunch of other things suddenly become.

Promises promises, and then deadpan faced earnest excuses. They have no shame in insulting our intelligence when it comes to not following through. If you want me to provide proof of this then sorry …I’m not going to. Mainly because if you don’t believe me I don’t see how any actual facts will help you when you’ve lived through the experience yourself year after year.

Instead of believing anything I have to say I implore you to have a gander at this long list of documented histories and draw you own conclusions about what integrity means and what a mistake it is to believe you can vote for it.

NZ election promises that never happened

Keep in mind that our Prime Minister is “earning”  $448,569. per annum to tell us well devised lies about his intentions and attend barbecues with the shabby common people for hot dogging photo opportunities.


Whether you voted for him or not, your vote has fully endorsed the process  of allowing these social criminals to continue basking in the lucrative power that this country’s beloved democracy happily showers down upon them.

This is an outrage. PLEASE STOP VOTING! Volunteer at a soup kitchen instead. Thank you for your time.

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Legislated Madness!

snf06DALEK682_447494a (1)

When people talk about legislating human rights, free trade, freedom of any kind, it is important to ask why they need legislating. The answer will undoubtedly be because of some previous hair brained legislation. Human rights, free trade and freedoms don’t need to be legislated. They were here first.

Living by a moral code is important but trying to legislate that code is madness. It’s not a law that stops people killing each other, it’s common human decency and basic logic. Laws don’t stop psychopaths anyway, they just legislate the brutal punishment of those who get caught and reinforce a psychotic attitude towards problem solving.

I knew a guy who had been a bit of a troubled youth. He was a die hard shoplifter. In spite of various state imposed punishments he was lucky enough to see the errors of his ways and changed his behaviour to become a trustworthy and dependable man. When I asked him why he changed tack, he said that even though he could conjure up justifications in a heartbeat, he knew in his soul that being dishonest wasn’t working for him. When I asked him how he turned down such a profitable habit, he said he didn’t really know …he just didn’t want to be doing that any more. It didn’t make him feel good about himself. It had nothing to do with the fear of being caught or punished and everything to do with personal redemption.

When we legislate we IMPOSE on others. Sometimes this imposition looks like it’s FOR THE GREATER GOOD but I urge you to consider the price of such actions. It is untrue that the law stops violence and theft because it uses violence and theft as weapons.

But don’t fret.

People are generally good and when they are not it is usually due to a reaction with their harsh surroundings and/or some form of alienation. Remember,  some people are more sensitive/unaware, clever/foolish, brave/insane than others and legislating things (rude forceful behaviour) will not actually keep people safe from harm. It’s mostly about revenge and doesn’t help endorse our better natures. Fear never helps endorse our better natures.

Laws are for things that haven’t happened. Arbitration is for things that have.

  • What is Equality?

Equality is ensuring individuals or groups of individuals are treated fairly and equally and no less (OR MORE) favourably in areas of race, gender, disability, religion or belief, sexual orientation and age. People are not all the same (and that is a fact) which is why equality is important.

  • What is diversity?

Diversity is a range of different things (lol). I suggest consideration and an honest desire to understand when different things drag us out of our comfort zone.

  • What is arbitration?

Arbitration is the hearing and determining of a dispute or the settling of differences between parties by a person or persons chosen or agreed to by them.