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Annihilation Of The Vape

Here’s A Violation of the NAP for ya!

“The NAP is a big cloud of vape conjured from some trenchcoat’s bellowing mouth fedora.”


Okay okay  …I don’t mean to ATTACK the NAP for it’s sentiment.  Because it’s a great sentiment.  But that’s all it is.  A sentiment.  Righteous in all it’s glory.
02-20-12 Sentiment

First of all, what is the NAP?

Sounds good huh?  Until you get to property rights.  Let’s have a thunk about this.  For the NAP to be effective beyond anything but sentiment, everyone has to agree on the specifics of some property rights.  Whilst it’s not wrong to own things, imagine you’ve come home to your plantation to find me walking out your front door  with your TV set and a packet of Tim Tams.  This is considered an act of aggression under the NAP, and you are now free to shoot me in the head with a clear conscience.  Does  this seem right to you?  Of course it’s wrong for me to steal your property but there are two quite different values of aggression going on here.  The NAP seems to value property rights over human rights.  This can’t be not good.


Also –  What if the plantation you “own” actually belongs to someone else, some original owners, who never agreed to the social construct you’ve exhaled in a big bubblegum flavored cloud and called The Non Aggression Principle.  What if these previous individuals somehow misunderstood the deal to swap the earth itself for some blankets, influenza and syphilis?  And what if it wasn’t me, but this guy below who you came home to find yoinking your consumer comforts and confectionery comestibles?  Is there a whiff of hypocrisy in the bubblegum yet?


However should we settle such a property dispute?  And how far back should we go?  Should we make like modern day gentlemen and meet with pistols at dawn on the Gaza Strip?


As well as that  …let’s investigate how you gained the collateral to buy your coveted Tim Tams and TV set in the first place.  Of course, you don’t own slaves!  Omigosh that would be deplorable, not to mention a violation of someone’s property rights (Toby’s body is Toby’s property).


No no no  …the good folk who work on YOUR plantation all signed a mutual contract whereby for the exchange of their time and labour, you dutifully and graciously provide them with food,

Back Camera


The Accommodation

…and a small stipend with which to buy clothes.


All perfectly acceptable under the glorious concord we understand as the NAP.  Because if these happy go lucky worker bees don’t appreciate it, they are forever welcome to move to Somalia.  Or if they’re not too stupid and lazy they can sack up and acquire their own plantation. (heavy sarcasm emoticon)

So anyway, that’s my opinion.

And now this  (the other NAP)…