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On the Use and Abuse of Drugs

A drug—legal or illegal—is usually something that offers you relief from hurt and suffering, calms your troubled heart, and soothes your unsettled mind. It removes you from the aches, anxieties, and stresses of daily living and numbs the pain of failure enabling us to face reality and find solutions. The point I am making here is that drugs, used wisely, are an incredibly useful resource.

However, abuse of drugs causes untold miseries. Abuse makes drugs destructive. Consider how prescription opioids have become a public health crisis in the first world, how Vietnam vets returned home heroin addicts not heroes, how steroids instead of building muscles have become a method of cheating by unnaturally boosting athletic performance, and how alcohol is frequently involved in domestic abuse and traffic accidents. Abuse of drugs makes you think that you alone have the answers as it obscures the facts and allows the abuser to become wholly subjective and selfish.

Surprisingly, belief systems have risen up almost overnight to become the most widely used drug of the 21st century. Ideologies have replaced medical interventions as people try to make sense of this looking-glass era. Science, religion, conservatism, nationalism, feminism, voting, education, to name a few, are used as anesthetics against the terrors of living in [current year]. Under the influence of [chosen tranquiliser] we acquire distorted perceptions and false bravado. Yay us!

Under the thrall of conviction we blindly accept (to greater or lesser extents) that tradition, loyalty to a flag, feminism, voting, the gravitational constant, progressiveness, and the power of education are all real and trustworthy. But no. Being stuck in the past blocks out the opportunities of today, national identity can breed separateness and distrust not unity and patriotism, overblown and irrational feminism devalues men and defines them as rape machines, voting blunts the brain giving the illusion of control, the gravitational constant is not constant, and progressivism lapses into permissiveness. Worst of all the education system has been systematically undermined by well-intentioned idealists and has become so trite that it facilitates t.h.e.m. in the subtle arts of manipulation and brainwashing.

Our youngsters, the most vulnerable participants in modernity, are caught up in the delusions of a society in the clutches of addiction. Presently the vast majority of adults in the Western world have slipped into stupefying compulsions adhering to antiquated attitudes which have us at each other’s throats. Informed dialogue is a feature of the past and delusion and denial reign supreme. The adult population is captivated, held fast in the grip of a powerful addiction to the dopamine hit from social media.

Interestingly enough the kids of this inebriated cohort have not embraced their parents’ mind-numbed apathetic behaviours. They have, instead, used their access to the greatest compository of information mankind has ever seen to educate themselves, broaden their perspectives, evaluate arguments, judge their levels of mental wellness and form colour-blind bonds across the world. Their maturity and balance puts adults to shame. This applies equally to New Zealand’s teens and young adults who are grounded and sober while their parents live in an addled haze. Today’s children are bearing the brunt of this mindless ineptitude. Domestic violence and child abuse and neglect destroys an obscene number of childhoods. People addicted to work, conservatism, religion, liberalism, nationalism, feminism—and the rest—are responsible for this. Even those who do not have children themselves. Participation implies consent.

Our youngsters have grown up in a reality where their social-media dependent parents behave like children, temper tantruming and lashing out, in short abusing them. Every eighth homicide victim in New Zealand is a child.

When they say abuse, they mean rape. They mean beatings. They mean beatings followed by rape. They mean being burned with a lighter, followed by rape, followed by school/work in the morning. They mean mockery and bruises and rape with school/work in the morning and don’t tell anyone or you’ll get more of the same. Rape refers to vaginal penetration. Anal penetration is not considered to be rape—isn’t that a fortunate loophole? (*sarcasm). Sadly it is predominantly friends and family, babysitters, neighbours, parents, siblings, teachers, and police who perpetrate this violence upon children (and adults). It happens from birth to adulthood to death. It breeds prostitution, crime, unemployment and more. This is glossed over by squeamish people who invent bland terms to shield themselves from the horror of the abuses going on down the street.

Are you still reading? Most people have given up by now. It’s “negative” to talk about these problems. It “brings me down” to have to listen to people whinging about things that “cannot be changed” because “these people” don’t actually know “any better”. These are the “realities of life” and “it is what it is”. Shockingly, this is the real response to “abuse” by your average voter.

Addiction leads to neglect. Neglect by communities, and by mothers, who are so busy chasing dollars that they have no time to protect their children . Mothers routinely leave their children to be brought up by babysitters, carers, fathers, siblings, teachers, even police. This is tantamount to child sacrifice. In ages past this child sacrifice included actual child murder at a ritual and public level, by women who ruled in matriarchal societies. Nowadays, mothers don’t need to get their hands dirty. Luckily (*sarcasm) children today—who have survived the abortion craze—are self-murdering to save society the hassle. Is this why NZ has the highest death rate for teenagers in the developed world?

This is the reality that you and I must face in order to do battle against the dysfunction that leads to the poorly educated, alienated, disenfranchised and sidelined people in our towns, cities, and rural communities. Many people are under the delusion (pun intended) that government is meant to deal with these societal problems. All “the government” really achieves is to take wounded and unhappy people and lock them away in jail or mental institutions, or it traps them inside their own heads with medications that have been proven to be ineffective as cures.

The paradigm under which this child abuse flourishes emphasises a loving attitude, being kind and inclusive, and gentleness and sweetness at the expense of rationalism and the cold hard facts of cruelty. It used to be so good to promote these things that women find so fulfilling, until it turned on men mocking and debasing their ability for tough love, discipline, achievement and personal responsibility. To stop failing the children and youth of our beautiful land we must, in my opinion, re-acknowledge and re-include the male virtues which balance the female, and the conservative virtues that balance the progressive, and vice versa.

I strongly decry the unconscious bias that has led to a governmental “vision” that “New Zealand is THE BEST PLACE in the world for children and young people”. The best place to get beaten, raped, and marginalised. The best place for suicide. The best place to watch your dad be persecuted by people on another wavelength. Ask Zdenek Hanzlik how that worked for him.

Why do I care? Well, do I actually? Apparently not (*sarcasm), otherwise I would be advocating actual “policies” for change. Instead I am running for public office promising that I will do nothing to help you, the socially responsible citizen of this fair land. Responsible of me? Not according to the disciples of those who proclaim the Vision of the Best Place. To them I am written off as a Conspiracy Theorist spreading “Internet” lies and hate. Let that sink in.

Don’t vote for me. Think about something you can do to change the addictions and abuses so prevalent in society. Talk to your friends. Talk to people in local government. Shake off the pervasive and all-consuming addiction to frivolity. Find solutions. The trick is to use the drugs and not abuse them, or people, which means that we must find ways to deal with our community issues instead of willfully ignoring them in a haze of intoxicated distraction. Stop throwing your vote at people who obfuscate abuse and suicide as the “Best Place in the World”.

No one is coming to help you, least of all me.