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But I don’t want a bloody revolution.


Neither do we.  A revolution will only ever get you back where you started.  That’s how come it’s called a revolution. Revolutions happen every day.


One problem with Government is tax and the enforcement of paying it.  If, instead of tax, we paid a voluntary community donation disconnected from any central vacuum  we could start to behave more like decent consenting human beings.


Privatization of community resources such as power, water, libraries, muh roads …from a government who doesn’t lower taxes as a result is something worth getting all WTF about.  It’s utterly hypocritical for a government who has, if not stolen …taken what they want at the threat of taking more or locking people in cages, to use any corrupt and wasteful way they see fit, to turn around and take the piss even more with a user pays system on top of everything.


Many many good people are (it would seem by how upset they get at the idea of tax being theft) happy to pay protection money to these gangsters because things do get done without us having to think about it.  But what if we learned how to do life without government  What if we could not worry about feeding the poor because we fed the poor without businesses or the gummint making stax of cash from the feeding the poor programme.  What if we quietly did our own thing and stopped bothering to even look at the brick wall covered in electrified razor wire with pots of boiling oil at the top?


Let’s stop thinking we need to vote for some apparent lesser evil who lies to us EVERY time and lord over us from between their 500 thread count Egyptian cotton sheets.

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Reality Attack: The government is unlikely to let anyone quietly not be governed without crying and breaking things.


Don't Vote

But If I Don’t Vote, How Can I Be A Valuable Contributing Member Of Society?


A common misconception is that voting has something to do with making the trains run on time.  Actually voting is just passing the buck for someone else to do something constructive in your community. And if you believe a politician has any vested interest in hands on helping your community thrive, you only have to look at their track records after they’ve been voted in to see how important a bunch of other things suddenly become.

Promises promises, and then deadpan faced earnest excuses. They have no shame in insulting our intelligence when it comes to not following through. If you want me to provide proof of this then sorry …I’m not going to. Mainly because if you don’t believe me I don’t see how any actual facts will help you when you’ve lived through the experience yourself year after year.

Instead of believing anything I have to say I implore you to have a gander at this long list of documented histories and draw you own conclusions about what integrity means and what a mistake it is to believe you can vote for it.

NZ election promises that never happened

Keep in mind that our Prime Minister is “earning”  $448,569. per annum to tell us well devised lies about his intentions and attend barbecues with the shabby common people for hot dogging photo opportunities.


Whether you voted for him or not, your vote has fully endorsed the process  of allowing these social criminals to continue basking in the lucrative power that this country’s beloved democracy happily showers down upon them.

This is an outrage. PLEASE STOP VOTING! Volunteer at a soup kitchen instead. Thank you for your time.

Auckland Mayoralty Don't Vote

“Make Auckland Great Again”

Auckland mayoral candidate from Not A Party: Adam Holland. Photo / Supplied

Friday, 11 March 2016, 10:00 am
Press Release: Adam Holland

Today it brings me much honour to announce to my dear people of Auckland my greatest policies for the people of Auckland when elected Mayor in October.

The statistics on unemployment are staggering, crime is on the rise, we’re paying far too much in rates. Something just simply has to happen.

I have a policy to finally tackle these problems facing our great city; to secede from New Zealand entirely and build a wall around the new Nation of Auckland where we will be forming our own government consisting of you, the people, and myself as head of state.

The Great Wall of Auckland will be paid for by New Zealand, not Auckland, and if the people of New Zealand want to complain about it, that’s fine because we have 1.4 million people, and the vast majority of naval vessels, fighter jets, soldiers etc.

The wall around Auckland will open up tens of thousands of jobs, stop a large amount of crime, allow us to better vet immigrants entering our new beautiful country, and Chinese property investors will no longer be allowed to buy property in Auckland, it’s destroying Auckland, and we need to make Auckland great again, not sell it out to a bunch of ripoff merchants.

I can promise that not a single Aucklander will be paying a single dollar in rates, zilch, zero percent. We will still be allowed to travel freely through New Zealand, that I can assure you.

Adam Holland for Mayor 2016

‘Make Auckland Great Again’

Yours sincerely,
Adam Holland


Don't Vote

Legislated Madness!

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When people talk about legislating human rights, free trade, freedom of any kind, it is important to ask why they need legislating. The answer will undoubtedly be because of some previous hair brained legislation. Human rights, free trade and freedoms don’t need to be legislated. They were here first.

Living by a moral code is important but trying to legislate that code is madness. It’s not a law that stops people killing each other, it’s common human decency and basic logic. Laws don’t stop psychopaths anyway, they just legislate the brutal punishment of those who get caught and reinforce a psychotic attitude towards problem solving.

I knew a guy who had been a bit of a troubled youth. He was a die hard shoplifter. In spite of various state imposed punishments he was lucky enough to see the errors of his ways and changed his behaviour to become a trustworthy and dependable man. When I asked him why he changed tack, he said that even though he could conjure up justifications in a heartbeat, he knew in his soul that being dishonest wasn’t working for him. When I asked him how he turned down such a profitable habit, he said he didn’t really know …he just didn’t want to be doing that any more. It didn’t make him feel good about himself. It had nothing to do with the fear of being caught or punished and everything to do with personal redemption.

When we legislate we IMPOSE on others. Sometimes this imposition looks like it’s FOR THE GREATER GOOD but I urge you to consider the price of such actions. It is untrue that the law stops violence and theft because it uses violence and theft as weapons.

But don’t fret.

People are generally good and when they are not it is usually due to a reaction with their harsh surroundings and/or some form of alienation. Remember,  some people are more sensitive/unaware, clever/foolish, brave/insane than others and legislating things (rude forceful behaviour) will not actually keep people safe from harm. It’s mostly about revenge and doesn’t help endorse our better natures. Fear never helps endorse our better natures.

Laws are for things that haven’t happened. Arbitration is for things that have.

  • What is Equality?

Equality is ensuring individuals or groups of individuals are treated fairly and equally and no less (OR MORE) favourably in areas of race, gender, disability, religion or belief, sexual orientation and age. People are not all the same (and that is a fact) which is why equality is important.

  • What is diversity?

Diversity is a range of different things (lol). I suggest consideration and an honest desire to understand when different things drag us out of our comfort zone.

  • What is arbitration?

Arbitration is the hearing and determining of a dispute or the settling of differences between parties by a person or persons chosen or agreed to by them.

Auckland Mayoralty Don't Vote

Lawyer contesting Auckland mayoralty and Mt Roskill by-election

Adam John Holland is contesting the Auckland mayoralty and Mt Roskill by-election simultaneously. Photo / Supplied

A lawyer who has made a name for himself by losing elections by spectacular margins has announced he will be contesting the Auckland mayoralty and Mt Roskill by-election simultaneously.

The fact the mayoral and a possible by-election will not be held simultaneously does not bother Adam John Holland, who describes himself as “kind of an anarchist”.

He is standing as a Not A Party candidate and encouraging people not to vote.

If elected Auckland Mayor he will not do a single thing “just as I haven’t done a single thing for the past seven years of my retirement”.

“It is my belief that the role of an elected official ought not to impose one’s own views and laws on the people, but rather to stand down immediately and allow local communities to build and grow naturally,” Mr Holland said.

He has stood for office three times for a total of 57 votes.

His other two forays were in the Ikaroa Rawhiti by-election in 2013 and the Christchurch East by-election in the same year, in which he drew 15 and 31 votes respectively.

Mr Holland is the eighth candidate to come forward for the Auckland mayoralty contest. The other candidates are Labour MP Phil Goff, who will force a by-election in his Mt Roskill seat if he wins; businesswoman Vic Crone, businessman John Palino, Orakei Local Board member Mark Thomas, right-winger Stephen Berry, activist Penny Bright and former Green Party member David Hay.

Mayor Len Brown is not seeking a third term.

NZ Herald

Auckland Mayoralty Don't Vote

Auckland Mayoralty Candidacy Announcement

Thursday, 3 March 2016, 3:36 pm
Speech: Adam Holland

Today I am very proud to be selected by Not A Party to contest the Auckland Mayoralty Election and the 2016 Mount Roskill By-Election simultaneously.

As in previous elections, these will likely play a pivotal role in determining how Aucklanders don’t necessarily choose to live their lives. By electing a Not A Party candidate, Aucklanders will have a well deserved opportunity at self-governance, rather than a monolithic, imposing, oppressive local government.

Aucklanders deserve to have the best possible mayor, and if successful in my bid, I will donate every last penny of my salary to various charities as suggested to me by the people of Auckland. I won’t do a single thing as mayor just as I haven’t done a single thing for the past seven years of my retirement. Decisions shall be left up to the people, not an elected official in a farcical ”democratic” ceremony.

I will be working hard all year to show Aucklanders that I can be that mayor. A non-official mayor who is engaged to the community, approachable, stands up for local people in times of difficulty, and represents not a single view of my own when in office. It is my belief that the role of an elected official ought not to impose one’s own views and laws on the people, but rather to stand down immediately and allow local communities to build and grow naturally.

In working together within our community, we can all ensure excellent policy on the most local level possible that allows people to get on with building prosperous families, businesses, and lives.

Yours sincerely,
Adam Holland


Difak Don't Vote


Voting is not a victimless crime …
Not A Party recommend doing something more productive on voting day.

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Don't Vote

George Carlin – Why I Don’t Vote

It would seem that voting is only useful if you think the same things as everyone else, but that negates the need to vote.