Don't Vote

NAP Candidate for Wellington Central

Hi. I’m Roberta Wessex and seriously, I’m not voting for me.

You see, there are really only two kinds of voters, those who vote Labour and those who vote National, right? But, no, not so much. It’s more those who vote mainstream and those who split the vote, hey? Actually I think it’s much simpler. The two kinds are those that vote and those that don’t vote.

Today I’d like to single out the voters who don’t vote, and talk to you. Firstly. Good on yas. You may think that no one has heard, but the world is watching. New Zealand is a magnificent country. A world leader in economic and political freedom, one of the least corrupt nations in the world, 4th on the Global Peace list. Plus we’ve got Pavlova. We are a leading adventure tourism destination. Godzone.

And how? Coz of you. You the ingenious kiwi. You the indomitable Maori. The good bastard. An extraordinary group of people involved in an amazing social experiment on a tiny group of islands at the end of the earth. You make this land what it is. And so we arrive at the crisis that is the New Zealand general election 2017.

This year less people than ever before will trudge like willing donkeys to the sanctuary of ballot hall to relinquish their authority to the control freaks baying for power.

Luckily, you, the non-voters have realised that politicians are literally the floor. You have understood that we cannot fix a system that is rigged by both sides. The government, apparently, always wins. You the non-voters have understood that no one is going to do it for us. Nix. Nada. Not one. It is up to us, the people, who have built our communities with our own sweat and tears, often in spite of politicians. There is only us.

Many of you are tired and discouraged. Worn down by the constant blame and ridicule from those sillies who think that not voting is actually voting for the other guys. (Actually you’ve been right all these years. Not voting is in fact voting to not buy in to the farce.)

Now, more than ever, your country needs you. On September the 23rd, you, the faithful, resilient and loyal non-voters, who have stood your ground bravely insisting on your right to self-determination all these years, will finally be able to rally together and boycott the injustices that pervade modern party politics. You are the backbone of a new post democratic, post hierarchical, voluntaryist community.

This is New Zealand. The place where people reject the corruption and degradation that pervades so many—so really really many—other countries of the world. We are better than that.

The pressure to vote has never been greater. Alt-right memes mock challenge entertain. Pussy’s up for grabs everywhere. Corporate media bias creates a playground for bullies. Not voting is allegedly a serious crime, almost as bad a pissing in the fountain. Trivia numbs and demotivates.

So. September 23rd. General Election day. The time is now. It’s up to you.

Do something better.

As we refrain en masse from voting, let us do some research instead. Read up on education models that offer your children real education. Watch a doco on voluntaryism. Use the time that you have reclaimed for yourself by disengaging from a system hijacked by a group of megalomaniacs, to make a sandwich for a homeless guy. Volunteer at the library. Visit the fella down the street whose wife is in hospital.

Do something that makes a difference to your community.

Just DON’T VOTE 2017.

3 replies on “NAP Candidate for Wellington Central”

So disappointed in myself after being mislead to vote for you in Wgtn Central. I didnt have time to research any policies of any party so I just went by the name. To find out that NAP had nothing to do with taking a nap whenever you wanted means I have wasted my vote. I thought I had found my home, my niche in the the political landscape. Gutted Gary of Wellington.