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Dear friends and supporters,

***Not A Party needs your help***

This election year 2020 Not A Party will once again not be registered to contest the party vote, but we will once again be standing NAP candidates in several electorates—and probably we’ll stand twice as many candidates as we did in 2017!

This election year 2020 our candidates include

  • Bob Wessex – Coromandel
  • Finn Harris – Epsom
  • Richard Goode – Mana
  • James Rae – Rangitata
  • Liam Walsh – Ōhāriu

Electoral law requires a deposit of $300 per candidate be paid to the Electoral Commission. They refund it only if you get over 5% of the electoral vote, so in our case this is functionally a registration fee. (And obviously we would be very upset if that many people voted for us.)

We are asking those who are able and willing to donate what they can to help us meet our $1500+ cost for this election. Our candidates will contribute based on their own financial circumstances and anything left over will be used to further the Not A Party cause through election advertising or increasing our online presence.

This is your opportunity to help us mobilise the non-vote in Aotearoa, help us present a None Of The Above option, and help us have a bloody good laugh at those who take all of this nonsense far too seriously.

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But wait, there’s more! While we’d be the first to admit that this election year we got caught NAPping (and some of us got quite distracted by the COVID-19 pandemic) we are already thinking ahead to next election year 2023. In 2023, our aim is to have a party list, so that everyone in the country has the option of not voting for us. To have a party list we need to be a registered political party, and to be a registered political party we need to have a minimum of 500 financial members. To this end, we have made it easy to join NAP, you can sign up online here.

No paperwork required! You can sign the membership form with your mouse (desktop computer) or fingertip (mobile device) and the end result is a PDF document that meets the requirements of the Electoral Commission. Alternatively, if your prefer traditional paper and pen, you can download our membership form here.

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